List of Required Common Genera of Woody Plants

You should recognize these to genus. You are not required to recognize individual species.

Click on the name to go to a page for that genus.


Maple/Box elder (Acer)



 Aesculus (Buckeye/Horsechestnut)

Betula (Birch)

Carya (Hickory)

 Celtis  (Hackberry)



Lonicera (Honeysuckel)

Morus (Mulberry)

 Parthenocissus (Virginia Creeper/Boston Ivy)


Pinus (Pine)

Populus (Poplar/Cottonwood/Trembling Aspen)

Prunus (Cherry/Wild Plum)

Quercus (Oak)

 Robinia (Black Locust)

Tilia (Basswood/Linden)

Ulmus (Elm)

Vitis  (Grape)