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  • Introduction to the polypores

  • The Tenth Anniversary of the Humongous Fungus!

  • Fun things to do with Giant Puffballs

  • Mar. 1998 Ustilago maydis, corn smut or huitlacoche -- that's right it's "Smuts on the Internet."

  • Jun. 1997 Bridgeoporus nobilissimus, the giant, rare, and endangered polypore of the Pacific Northwest. Or you can jump right to this page, which is a reprint of a paper by Burdsall, Volk, and Ammirati called "Bridgeoporus, a new genus to accommodate Oxyporus nobilissimus."

  • Feb. 1999 Armillaria nabsnona, honey mushroom number nine. Or you can jump right to this page, which is an online version of the original paper by Volk, Burdsall, and Banik describing this species.

  • Feb. 2000 Schizophyllum commune, one of the world's most widespread fungi, and possessor of more than 28,000 different sexes. This page also includes an explanation of sex and mating in fungi.

  • Nov. 2001 Lycoperdon pyriforme, the pear-shaped wolf-fart puffball
  • Apr. 2001 Agaricus bisporus, the white button mushroom, pizza mushroom, portabella, or crimini.

  • Nov. 2002 Stachybotrys chartarum, an alleged cause of "sick building syndrome."

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    For the rest of my pages on fungi, please click

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