The joy of fungi Wisconsin Mycological Society and other non-professional mycology endeavors

I am a very strong advocate of the involvement of non-professional mycologists in the study of fungi at many different levels. This is one of the reasons I am proud to be an honorary member of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Mycological Society. The WMS has approximately 400 members including amateur and professional mycologists from all over the state of Wisconsin. Monthly meetings are held in the winter months, along with a morel foray in the spring, a summer foray and 5 or 6 Saturday or Sunday forays in September and October. We also hold an impressive Mushroom Fair in late September or early October. For further information on joining, visit the web site of The Wisconsin Mycological Society set up by Peter Vachuska.

Since La Crosse is just across the Mississippi River from Minnesota, I am also a member (and one of the scientific advisors) of the Minnesota Mycological Society, which holds forays and weekly meetings during the fall and monthly meetings other times of the year. If you want further information on the MMS, we have a new web page at

If you're from another area of North America and want to join a mycological society, mushroom club, or fungus federation, check out Mykoweb's listing of North American Mushroom Clubs for one near you. You'll be glad you did!

Mushroom Forays and Workshops

In 2005 I participated, for my sixteenth time, in the national foray of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I was the host myclogist, andmore than 180 people came from 29 states. . We found about 250 species of fungi, Check out NAMA's web page.

I have also given lectures and forays for many regional and state mycological societies. I have also been the mycologist at forays or fungus fairs for the Minnesota Mycological Society, The New Mexico Mycological Society, the Texas Mycological Society. the Puget Sound Mycological Society, the Snohomish County Mycological Society (WA), the Gulf States Mycological Society, the Asheville (NC) Mushroom Club, the Colorado Mycological Society, the Rochester (NY) Area Mycological Association, the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club the Mycological Society of San Francisco, the Sonoma County Mycological Association (SOMA), the Missouri Mycological Society, and have given lectures at the Boston Mycological Club, the Illinois Mycological Association, the Mycological Society of Toronto the New Jersey Mycological Association, the The New York Mycological Society, the Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association (COMA) the Mycological Association of Washington, the Oregon Mycological Society, the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz, the Los Angeles Mycological Society, the San Diego Mycological Society the Minnesota Mycological Society and the Wisconsin Mycological Society.

If you're from northeast North America, you can also attend the annual foray of the Northeast Mycological Federation, a conglomerative cooperative of a dozen or so local clubs. I have been to six of the forays, and I have always had a good time with great people. I was the foray mycologist for the Gulf States Mycological Society / NAMA

. The forays are a lot of fun--and many of the so-called "amateurs" know more mushrooms than I do! I like forays a whole lot, and I'd love to come to yours! Email me!

Note: I have also presented many university departmental seminars--

You can read more about my foray appearances and other lectures and workshops on my curriculum vitae

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