Species acepted in <i>Armillaria</i> Table 2. Species presently accepted in the genus Armillaria (Fr.:Fr.) Staude, with known distributions. Some of these species names may be reduced to synonymy once cultural and mating studies are done. Designations for North American Biological Species (NABS, Anderson & Ullrich, 1979) and European Biological Species (EBS; Korhonen, 1978) are included.
from Volk & Burdsall 1995. Synopsis Fungorum 8:18-19, Fungiflora, Oslo Norway

Armillaria affinis (Singer) Volk & BurdsallCentral America, Caribbean
Armillaria borealis Marxmüller & Korhonen Europe, EBS A
Armillaria calvescens Bérubé & Dessur. Eastern North America, NABS III
Armillaria camerunensis (Henn.) Volk & Burdsall Africa
Armillaria cepistipes Velen. Europe, North America?, EBS B, NABS XI ?
Armillaria duplicata (Berk.) Sacc. India
Armillaria ectypa (Fr.) Emel Europe
Armillaria fellea (Hongo) Kile & Watling Australia
Armillaria fumosa Kile & Watling Australia
Armillaria fuscipes Petch India, Africa?
Armillaria gallica Marxmüller & Romagnesi North America, Europe, Japan, NABS VII, EBS E
Armillaria gemina Bérubé & Dessur..Eastern North America, NABS II
Armillaria griseomellea (Singer) Kile & Watling South America
Armillaria heimii Pegler Africa
Armillaria hinnulea Kile & Watling Australia
Armillaria jezoensis Cha & Igarashi Japan
Armillaria limonea (G.Stev.) Boesewinkel New Zealand
Armillaria luteobubalina Watling & Kile Australia
Armillaria mellea (Vahl:Fr.) P.Kumm. Europe, North America, Asia, NABS VI, EBS D
Armillaria melleo-rubens (Berk. & M.A.Curtis) Sacc. Central America
Armillaria montagnei (Singer) Herink South America, Europe
Armillaria nabsnona Volk & Burdsall Western North America, NABS IX
Armillaria novae-zealandiae (G.Stev.) Herink New Zealand, New Guinea, Australia, S.Amer.
Armillaria omnituens (Berk.) Sacc. India
Armillaria pallidula Kile & Watling Australia
Armillaria procera Speg. South America
Armillaria puiggarii Speg. South America
Armillaria sinapina Bérubé & Dessur. .North America, Japan NABS V
Armillaria singula Cha & Igarashi Japan
Armillaria solidipes Peck North America, Europe, Asia, NABS I, EBS C
Armillaria sparrei (Singer) Herink South America
Armillaria tabescens (Scop.) Emel Europe, North America
Armillaria tigrensis (Singer) Volk & Burdsall South America
Armillaria viridiflava (Singer) Volk & Burdsall South America, Europe?
Armillaria yungensis (Singer) Herink South America

NABS X and NABS XI are presently undescribed and unnamed. Armillaria fulgens (Cooke & Massee) Sacc. [Australia], Armillaria saviczii (Singer) Herink [Byelorussia], Armillaria umbilicata (Pat.) Sacc. & Syd. [Guadeloupe] are true members of the genus Armillaria, but have not been found or studied since their original description, despite extensive collecting in the areas from which they were described. Armillaria solidipes Peck, from Colorado, is also a true Armillaria species, but whether it is conspecific with any other Armillaria species is unknown.
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