Desert Truffle

The Nutritional Value of Desert Truffles

desert truffles sliced in a pan.  photo from Aramco.  used by permission In reports published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the following was reported:

Tirmania nivea from Iraq is reported to have 14% protein and 21% fat.

Terfezia claveryi from Iraq is reported to have 8% protein and 17% fat.

Other studies show that in 20% dry matter, 20% - 27% are proteins, 3% - 8% are fat, 7% - 13% are fiber, and almost 60% are carbohydrates. In addition, desert truffles contain high levels of potassium and moderate amount of iron. It is nice to know that no toxic compounds (plant compounds, not environmental), have been detected.

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