Some replies to the Birthday Fungus Assignment

1.  AmberLynn   3755

2.  March

3.  Ganoderma applanatum  (the artist's conk)

4.  Phylum:  Zygomycota

5.  I like the fact that fungi can have purposes in everyday life.  The
artist did a good job with the picture on the back of the shelf fungi.
Also, I am interested in alternative medicine, so I enjoyed reading about
how fungi is used in oriental remedies to cure people.  GO FUNGI!!
-This type is also found in Wisconsin - anytime since it is perenial- so in
the summer when I work at my camp I can point out the fungi to my campers.  

Subject: bio 204 internet assignment hey, this is ben , my birthday is march. the fungus of the month for my birthday is Ganoderma applanatum. it belongs to the phylum Basidiomycota. it is used as some cool herbal remadies, like for colds, impotence (WHAT, what did you hear?), and AIDS. it is also used for artwork. later ben
Subject: bio 204 internet assignment Hi Dr. Volk- 1. Gretchen 2. March 3. Ustilago maydis 4. Basidiomycota 5. This sure is an interesting smut. I am curious to see just how tasty haitlacoche really is. I printed out the recipe off of the restaurants web site, maybe I will give it a whirl. Have you actually had it? Let me know if it is worth making. It is also great to know that so much is able to be researched due to the fact that it is especially easy to culture in a laboratory.
Subject: bio 204 internet assignment Katharine September Amanita bisporigera, Amanita virosa, and Amanita verna Phylum-Basidiomycota This fungis is cool because it's so deadly. I found a few websites that talked about few deaths becasue someone ate it mistaking it for something not even closely resembling it. it's also cool because of the little veil thing that falls as the cap expands or as the muchroom gets older. What is also cool is the fact that i've seen one in real life and they are so white. They are related to the death caps and toadstools. They are also helpful to conifers helping them break down nutrients in return for food. Death angels are cool.
Subject: bio 204 internet assignment 1.Jessica 2.May 3.Gymnosporangium juniper-virgianae (sorry that this isn't underlined) 4.Basidiomycota 5.I thought that this particular fungus was interesting because it is brightly colored and it has a "fun' shape. Of all the things that we have looked at in this class, this is the one that actually catches the eye. I think that it is interesting that this is a rust because all I really considered a rust before was the nasty spots on a car. These are some of the things that make this fungus interesting to me. This is just a side note. I actually went through some of the other "fungus of the month" links, but only if they had an interesting name or description. I especially liked the dog vomit slime mold link because of the emails included on the page. It gives a more relateable "feel" to learning about the fungus and, actually, we have the dog vomit slime mold growing in our wood chips at home. Just thought that I would let you know that as an assignment, this one wasn't bad --- actually it was kinda fun. :)
Subject: bio 204 internet assignment 1. Mark 2. February 3. Schizophyllum commune 4. Phyllum: Basidiomycota This is interesting in that even though it is "just a fungus", it is incredibly complex in its ability to reproduce sexually. The part I found most interesting was how it insures genetic diversity by being more compatible with 2/3 of the general population than it is with its siblings. But this type of diversity should be expected of an organism found on 6 continents. I also found it interesting that fungi don't have differentiated sex organs but rather are able to exchange genetic material simply by touching! Also, this touching is hardly random. This "primitive" organsim has genetic controls allowing it to choose a mate, insuring diversity and continuation (more like thriving) of the species. Fascinating! I couldn't help think that this would be a perfect article for a Dave Barry column. Fungal sex! It would be right up his alley. One (if one is abnormal) can't help but wonder if there is fungal porn as a result of fungal sex. Are their places in the forest wher fungi can go for a "good time"? Are (fungi) parents ashamed of their offspring for engaging in sexual activity at a very high rate, or is it accepted? With over 28,000 species it seems this type of fungus has a zest for living, and that they live in a very swinging society. Why is ABC so interested in fungal sex? Do they know something we don't? I will never look at Peter Jennings the same way again.