Genera : 300

Species: 2500 - 3000

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 Ammi  Cicuta  Heracleum
 Anethum  Conium  Myrrhis
 Angelica  Coriandrum  Osmorhiza
 Anthriscus  Daucus  Poeniculum
Azorella (Bolax)  Eryngium  Sanicula
 Berula  Ferula  Seseli
 Bupleurum  Foeniculum  Zizia


Distribution: North temperate regions and tropical highlands.


Economic Uses: As an abundant source of foods and spices including; carrots, parsnip, chervil, dill, celery, caraway, parsley and anise. Many species are poisonous and this family is also the source of hemlock, the poison with which Socrates took his life.

Defining Features of Interest: The family is defined by its distinctive inflorescence, the umbel, which gives the group the alternate name 'the Umbelliferae'. Many species are biennial, producing the vegetables eaten by humans in their second season of growth.

Fossil Evidence: Microfossils in theEocene.

Defining Morphology

Floral Features :7

Fruit and Seed Features :

Vegetative Features :