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Ownership of images in the Plant Systematics Teaching Collection (Photo Atlas of the Vascular Plants) remains with the contributor. Image files in the set carry the initials of the contributor. The most significant change in this collection are the new images created by Dennis Woodland, many of which were made on his visits to the Southern Hemisphere. A significant number of these were made in cooperation with Dr. Felicity Cutten. These images share both sets of intials (DW & FC).



William C. Burger = WB

Jason C. Bradford = JCB

Michael Clayton = MC

Theodore Cochrane = TC

Felicity Cutten = FC

Aljos Farjon = AF

Robert R. Kowal = RK

Frank Landis = FL

Elizabeth Parnis = EP

Kenneth Sytsma = KS

Asa Thorensen = AT

Dennis Woodland = DW














Darren Kimmbler's Images = DK

1. Halesia carolina fruits

2. Composite of American Chestnut

3. Pecan bough

4. Osage orange bough

5. Wax myrtle bough

6. Black gum (Nyssa) bough


Jeff Hapeman's Images JH

1. Lilium superbum

2. Trillium grandiflorum Habit

3. Aplectrum inflorescence

4 & 5. Two images of Canna indica

6. Nymphaea odorata flower

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