Answers to Questions Posed in the Body of the Respiration Topic

1. Does this experiment by itself, demonstrate that the grains are respiring aerobically?

The release of carbon dioxide, by itself, does not conclusively demonstrate that aerobic respiration is occurring.


2. What process/es of respiration release CO2?

Glycolysis coupled with alcoholic fermentation; the gateway reaction; and the Krebs cycle.


3. Does this result demonstrate that the grains are respiring aerobically?

The consumption of oxygen more conclusively demonstrtates that the grains are undergoing aerobic respiration.


4. What process/es of respiration consume O2 ?

The electron transport chain.

5. From your text or lecture, what is the efficiency of aerobic respiration in plant cells?

7.3 Kcal X 36 ATP / 686 Kcal per glucos X 100 = 38%


6. The chemical energy in glucose not captured as chemical ATP energy is lost in what form/forms of energy?



7. Is the generation of heat ever helpful in the survival of plants (is it ever adaptive?)? If so provide an example.

See details of skunk cabbage or titan arum.


8. Without tetrazollium present where do these electrons end up?



9. One of two factors will cause fermentation to stop. What are they?

Either the yeast run out of food, or the alcohol builds up to toxic levels.