Guidlines for the care of your microscope


1. Your microscope is a delicate instrument, treat it with care using some common sense:

a. When sharing a view with your TA get out of your chair to allow her a view of your subject. Do not slide it across the bench towards her! People really do this - the rubber feet wil cause the microscope to vibrate violently!

b. When getting your scope or returning it to the cabinet take the time and care to avoid banging the oculars on the top of the cabinet.

c. Work with the scope directly on front of you and your notes to the side - not the other way around. By having the scope directly in front of you you can more comfortably and effectively view your subject. Further, there is less chance that the scope may accidentally be knocked off the bench.

2. Clean the lenses as needed. When the oculars are dirty it is obvious, however, when the objective is dirty you will simply experience a reduction in the quality of your view. If your view isn't as crisp as you think it should be check the objective lens.

3. When cleaning lenses use the lens paper provided in your supply drawer and the distilled water in the dropper bottles on each bench. Never use regular tissue, and never rub a lens when it is dry.

4. If you are experiencing a problem that isn't obvious to you ask your TA for help.

5. Scopes are assigned to specific seats. Use only the scope at your work station and always return it to the same place. If you discover it missing inform your TA immediately.