General Botany

Botany 130 

Text: Raven: The Biology of Plants by Evert and Eichhorn 8th edition

Lab Manual: Laboratory Topics for General Botany. Available through the Social Sciences copy shop.

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Introduction: General Botany (Botany 130) is a 5-credit hour lab-science course. Lectures meet at 8:50 MWF and are team taught by a pair of professors. The labs meet twice a week and each lab is two hours. The discussion section is linked to the lab section and meets once a week for one hour. This site is here to give you some idea about the course, its content, and organization. Another course page focusing on the lecture is available at Learn @UW.


Organization: The site consists of three parts accessable from the directory.

I. General Course Information - this page.

II. Lecture Information: this includes the lecture schedule. Look to the Learn@UW site for current lecture news/information.

III. Laboratory Information: this includes the lab schedule from last semester, and a comprehensive pictoral review for each topic covered. It will also includes the actual lab topics in "pdf" (Adobe Acrobat) format which may be down-loaded and printed.

Questions about this site should be addressed to Mike Clayton: Rm. 120 Birge Hall, email:


Our Teaching Staff: Seven people are dedicated to teaching General Botany - Two professors, the lab coordinator, and four teaching assistants. You may contact any of these people below via email.


Eve Emshwiller - Professor




Office hours:




Michael Clayton - Lab Coordinator


Open Lab: Room 122 Friday from 10:00 - 12:00


Office: Room 120 Birge Hall


Office phone: 262 2333

Our Teaching Assistants

Tom Thein

Sections 306, 307

Office: 113 Birge Hall

Office Hours:


Soo Kim

Section 303, 305

Office: 339 Birge Hall

Office Hours: MW 12:20 - 1:20


Lisa Shomaker

Sections 302, 311

Office: 334 Birge Hall

Office Hours:


Evan Eifler

Sections 301, 304

Office: Room 301 Birge hall

Office Hours:


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