Domain Eukarya / Euglenoids

Genus Euglena

Euglenoids are flagellated unicells (with the exception of one colonial species), without a cell wall (though Trachelomonas has a wall-like covering), and possess a series of proteinaceous strips below the plasmalemma that together make up a pellicle. Only about one third of the genera are photsynthetic. Sexual reproductin has not been observed in he group.

Genus: Euglena

Unicellular organisms with two anterior flagella. Both are associated with an anterior structure, the reservoir, but only one emerges from the reservoir. At the base of the emergent flagellum is an eye spot. Cells with chloroplasts with the same types of pigments as the green algae. Food is not associatedf with the chloroplast but is found in the cytoplasm in the form of a polysaccharide called paramylon. Euglena is motile via its flagellum and also by a contraction of its shape. This second type of motility is termed "euglenoid motion".