Cells and Tissues of the Plant Body

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The Three Primary Tissue Systems as Viewed in a Herbaceous Eudicot Stem


Dermal Tissue System

Ground Tissue System

Vascular Tissue System



Vascular Tissue - Cucurbita Stem Tissue

  • View of Prepared Slide


Cross sections

  • View of phloem tissue 100x
  • View of phloem tissue - sieve-plate
  • View of Phloem Tissue 1000x
  • View of Longitudinal Sections of Sieve-Tube


  • Cross sections: View of Vascular Bundle 100x

Longitudinal sections

  • View of three types of secondary wall thickenings


  • View of annular secondary wall thickenings
  • View of helical secondary wall thickenings


  • View of pitted secondary wall thickenings