The credit you receive from genetics will be based solely on five problems involving a genetics problem simulator, GCK Toolkit. The first half of the lab is a workshop to be completed in lab to ensure that you have the basics necessary to complete these five problems. The answers for this part can be down loaded using the link below:

The simulation is available on computers in room 113, and discussions for Thursday, October 12 and Friday, October 13 will meet there to continue work on these problems.

Problems one and two are monohybrid problems. Problems three through five are dihybrid problems. In problem three assume that there is no linkage. For problems four and five there may, or may not be linkage.

Problem one should be checked off in lab. The other four problems are due in discussion either October 19 or 20. The computer lab (room 113) will be available, by appointment all during the week of October 16.